A Quick Saturday Update

I got up this morning and after a breakfast of fresh pineapple with yogurt and granola and a good cup of coffee, we were on our way to Rico’s sheep herding lesson. The forecast called for rain so I was all prepared to come home soaking wet. But we really lucked out and it was gorgeous! And… Rico was such a good boy, especially after having two weeks off! It felt really good to be out there.

On the way home the clouds opened up and it rained most of the afternoon. So I knew most of my day would be spent inside.

So before I headed home I hit a fabric store up near where we do herding and picked up a few fabrics to make some hats… like I don’t have any fabric in my stash that would work. Sheesh.

Here’s what I came away with.

Here’s a closer look at each one. You can get a larger image by clicking on the photos.

I spent a good deal of time today cutting out the pieces for hats. Then I’ll just be able to sit down and sew like a sewing fool!

I cut out fabric for five hats today. Since I figured out how to get two hats out of two half yards, I cut enough for one large and one medium hat from each fabric combo.

The set at the bottom was to use up a smaller piece of the pink brassica that I had on my sewing table. I had just enough fabric for the outside of a hat. So all in all I have seven hats cut and ready to sew.

Tomorrow I’ll cut a bunch of fusing and get at least one of these put together. I do want to make at least one quilt backing tomorrow.

I did do a very small sewing project today. I sewed a 1.2 inch tuck into the hat I made that was so big. I just love that hat and want to be able to wear it.

Here’s what it looks like from the outside of the hat. I’ll just have to be sure to keep this pleat at the back of my head.

And now it fits perfectly! And that makes me happy because I love this hat!

Another mostly rainy day tomorrow. A good opportunity to get some stuff done.

29 Replies to “A Quick Saturday Update”

  1. Just put something there to mask it. A yoyo? A gathered circle with wavy edges that looks like a flower? One of those leaves cut out, stuffed and the veins stitched? A giant button? I’m sure you have something in your magic closet! Lo!

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      1. Lol! I’m sorry. I misunderstood. I didn’t think you liked the tuck…aesthetically. With all that pattern, it’s not very noticeable anyway.


  2. Hi Anne,

    Love ,love, love the hat! I want to make one. I read your posts and I remember that you tried a few patterns before you fount the perfect fit. Now I can’t find the post. Could you send me the link of the pattern that fit you best?



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    1. I’ve used the Red Poppy pattern, but I like the Orange Bettie pattern a little better. But the Red Poppy pattern includes multiple sizes.

      you can find either quite easily with a google search.


  3. Fabulous color combinations❤.
    Yay for Rico and good weather.
    Please send rain to San Antonio.
    Enjoy a Sunday sewing marathon❣

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  4. Please make the fish fabric first! I have some of that a want to see how you place those big boys!
    I also have some of the bright pink, but probably will need to “frankinbag” that fabric as I only have a FFQ left.

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    1. Since most pieces are on a curve, it doesn’t really matter much how you place the fish because some will be partial fish. I paid most attention when cutting the vertical sides of the hat as they are what will show the most. The Orange Bettie pattern has you cut on the fold. So I just folded the fabric to match the existing fold that the fabric came with and it worked great!


  5. Enjoy reading your posts. What was the site you gave earlier for the hat pattern.Thank you.Sheila V.Rossland BC Canada

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    1. I’ve used two different patterns. the Red Poppy bucket hat pattern and the orange Bettie pattern. The Red Poppy pattern has several different sizes. But I like the Orange Bettie one a little better. The brim isn’t as straight. It flairs out just a little.

      you can find either easilty with a Google search.



  6. Happy Memorial Day weekend! Your posts make my day always with a burst of color. You are so lucky to have fabric stores close to you with such gorgeous selections of fabrics. I also would love to have the link to the pattern for the hat….I think I missed reading your post that day. You have such a talent for matching prints and colors and you are an inspiration to every seamstress with stash🤣 I reduced mine when Covid hit by making scrub caps for our Nurses but I still can’t pass up some pretty material. Have a great day Anne!


    1. I’ve used two patterns. Red Poppy bucket hat pattern has several sizes included. But I’m using the Orange Bettie bucket hat pattern now. It’s working better or me.

      You can find either with a Google search.



    1. I have more fabric than I’ll ever be able to use up! But it makes me happy.

      I usually buy 1/2 yards when I’m just adding to my stash. If there’s a fabric I love and know I’ll use more, I’ll buy a yard or two. If I see fabric on a really good sale I may buy more or even enough for a backing.



    1. That’s the pattern that’s been working best for me. It’s a lot easier to cut out since most of it is cut on the fold. And I think there’s less waste.


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