A Busy Monday and Another Hat!

Finished up work at 5:00 today, hurried and grabbed some dinner and then hit the road for Rico’s agility lesson. I got there a little early so let the boys have a nice run on the edge of my friend’s grass seed field. The grass grows by a foot every week! Rico and Bender just disappeared out there! You can see that they’re both covered with seeds.

I never would have found Rico if it wasn’t for that tongue!

They really had to work hard to run through that tall grass.

Bender was nice enough to pose for me.

I got home at a little before 10 pm and hit my sewing room to put together another hat that I had cut out and ready to sew. It took me about 90 minutes to sew it all together.

And there’s Bender. Happily posing for eternity. And on the flipside…

Rico is a picture of stress when I have him pose for a photo. He just hates it. Here’s a selection of photos celebrating Rico’s discomfort.

As happy as Bender is to pose, Rico is just as miserable. And he’s not very good at showing off my handiwork!

I don’t sew a lot of stuff in blue, but I tend to like these mid tone blues the best. I plan to make a quilt in these mid blues some day. I have a few patterns in mind and I’m mentally collecting the fabrics for it from my stash.

Here’s some eye candy.

I looked at my calendar when I sat down to work this morning and realized that I had absolutely no meetings on Thursday and Friday. I decided to take a couple days off since my vacation was such a bust. Now I just have to decide what to do. I’m thinking I might actually go back to the coast! I know two dogs who would be very happy about that!

20 Replies to “A Busy Monday and Another Hat!”

  1. Really loving all the many hats you’re currently making. Color combos you choose are just great and you keep inspiring me to take that leap and try similar when pulling fabrics together for a new project – thanks!

    Also just wondering how Bender is Anne and if his increased meds have stabilised things for now?
    Thanks for your blog it’s such fun to read and so informative xXx

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    1. Bender’s good! He hasn’t had a seizure since we increased his meds. So I think he may be up to almost fourteen weeks… nearly three months! So that’s good. He’s still a little wobbly with the drugs. He has gotten better but still has a ways to go.


  2. Loved the video of hide and seek in the grassy, I did laugh out loud 🤣! You just have the sweetest boys! Yes! Go to the coast and enjoy 🥰

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  3. Bender is so good and such a ham. He goes in photoshop mode whenever he sees you with a camera. He’s won my heart! Enjoy your time off!

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  4. The blue hat is wonderful! And, as usual, I loved reading about your adventures with the boys. Does everyone fall in love with Rico and Bender like I have? The video was fun…and that last photo…precious! ❤️

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  5. Hi Anne, you inspired me to make a hat! My fabric choice was coincidental with yours you made the other day. I too love Kaffe! Going to make more for gifts! Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, an AT&T 5G smartphone

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  6. Can you tell me more about your friends grass seed field? Is it used to grow grass seed that is sold in bags? Do they mow it and it grows a foot weekly.

    Love your hats and especially the models!!

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    1. The Willamette Valley in Oregon grows more grass seed than anywhere else on earth. Both forage and turf grass are grown. So it’s for lawn and pasture grass.

      Harvest time for grass seed crops begins in late June or early July. A machine called a windrower or swather cuts the grass and lays it in rows. This is done while the grass seed is still somewhat green to prevent it from shattering. Seed shattering is a natural way seeds are dispersed.

      The grass then dries in the sun and wind for 5-10 days before being harvested. A combine separates the seed from the straw and spreads the straw back on the field. The seed is then transferred from the combine to trucks and transported to the seed cleaning warehouse.

      Read all you want here: https://oregonaitc.org/resources/oregon-resources/oregon-grown-commodities/forage-and-turf-grass-seed/



  7. Hi Anne, As always it is good to see your sweet fur babies having fun and your wonderful creations. I am wondering what the beautiful purple flowers are that the boys are posing in front of? They are really pretty. I would love to add some to my garden of perennial’s. Thanks for my daily smile.

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    1. I walked by it tonight so used a plant identifying app on my phone and all it told me was that it’s probably in the mustard family. Sorry I don’t know what it is.


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