Four Days Off and A Lot of Roses

I have a four day weekend coming up. It’s supposed to rain all four days. And I think this is supposed to be a real soaker. I’m hoping they’re wrong. I’d like to have four days when I can actually get out and so some things, rather than sitting home the entire time.

I went and played pickleball last night. Local pickleball clubs host open play nights where you can just show up and they’ll get you into a game. None of my friends were available, so I went by myself. I am a raging introvert. I mean, I’m REALLY a strong and dedicated introvert. So this was a big deal. And I had a blast!!!

I’m so glad I went. I mean, look at that happy face! But I’ve been paying the price today. I’m going to get a good night sleep tonight and then more pickleball tomorrow afternoon… IF the rain holds off.

Since I was so worn out last night I didn’t spend any time at all in my sewing room, and I didn’t do much in there tonight either. I did manage to get two hats cut out and get the interfacing fused. So I have two more hats that are ready to be sewn together.

I used a fabric combo that someone used in a bucket hat they posted on the Kaffe Fassett Facebook page earlier this week. I loved it so much I just had to do the same thing.

That top fabric is Philip Jacobs coleus in yellow. It’s so magnificent! That’s a beautiful design, but that color way is so special. It’s combined with this bright and cheerful jumble in pink and yellow. This will be a beauty!

And I swear… I AM going to get at least one quilt backing mad this weekend.

The roses here in Portland have started blooming… and just in time. Portland is known as Rose City. In fact, The Rose Festival is going on right now. So the roses have started blooming just in time.

I took a lot of time to do my afternoon and evening walks today because I stopped and took a lot of photos of roses.

This first one looks like it has two buds in one bloom. I wonder if that’s really what’s going on here.

This next one was soooo big! I swear it was at least six inches across!

Here’s a bunch of photos. Click on each photo to see the image enlarged.

I kept having to explain to people why I was in their yard!

A friend of mine gave ma a rose of Sharon plant last summer. I got a few blooms on it last summer. I’m hopeful that it will do a little better this year.

A few weeks ago I had my yard buy move the plant from a post and plant in one of my flower beds in the back yard.

It looks really happy and is growing nicely. I think I even found a bud! that makes me so happy.

And here’s something fun. I’ve picked up some fun free plants on my walks in the last couple months a nd tonight i carried home this Norfolk pine . I’ve also gotten some Japanese maple trees, a couple clumps of crocosmia, some day lillies. I love geting free plants!

A friend of mine gave me some bamboo last summer. I put it in that pot, but it looks completely dead now, so It’s in the bin and this tree is planted in that big pot.

I was looking at my tattoo last night and decided to take a photo since I haven’t done that since I got it back in April. And it looks really good!

I’m pretty happy with it.

Bender is worn out. I’m with Bender! Off to bed so I can start my exciting weekend tomorrow.

He looks so comfy!

27 Replies to “Four Days Off and A Lot of Roses”

  1. Beautiful rose photos, pickle ball sounds like fun, had never heard of it, until reading your blogs! Have a nice few daisy’s off from work, hopefully there will be some rain free moments, either way, im sure you will make the most of it !!


  2. Wow- such great pictures! That coleus fabric is so gorge!! So are the beautiful roses. It’s so cute , Bender got in your shot since you were taking a picture 🤗. Did you not want to wear one of your hats for pickle ball? Probably more in your way I guess. I hope you have a great vacation and breaks in the rain ☔️ 🥰

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    1. I’m not sure the bucket hat would stay on my head during pickleball. Plus, I really use the hat to keep my hair out of the way. The bucket hat won’t do that!


  3. Those rose photos are heaven! Thanks for sharing.
    My new morning routine is Wordle, then your blog post. Thank you for your consistency and for all the beauty you bring to my world.


  4. Thank you for the lovely rose photos. And you were right to suggest enlarging the images….they were absolutely, breath takingly beautiful! I’m in awe of God’s unique creativity!

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  5. You look so happy! Yay you found a great sport which is very social ❤. The fabric you have pulled for your latest hat is going to be exquisite! Wow! All those beautiful 🌹 roses!!! Thank you for sharing…. glad your neighbors were accommodating for the photo shoot!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Loved all those Roses…I’m also an introvert, your comments about that made me laugh….where do you purchase your Kaffe fabrics? there is always such a variety of colors in your projects,I never see those in the lical fabric stores here in NJ.

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  7. Your pictures of the roses are gorgeous. Such a variety of colors. They are as beautiful as your hats! Thanks for sharing. If I get a chance to come visit Portland, I hope it will be when the roses are blooming. Enjoy your long weekend.

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  8. We’ve been having a lot of rainy days too, so I can’t say I blame you for wanting to get out. What fun that you don’t have to wait on others to be available! You can just show up and they fit you in! If you put hats on the boys, maybe they won’t notice they’re not people and let them plAy too?
    Roses are my hubby all-time favorite! You certainly found some gorgeous ones too! I have a lot of favorites but am really excited about the pastel white one with pink and yellow.
    That yellow hat combo is quite striking! Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We only have two rose bushes — my quota otherwise it would be a yard full! The one in the front is an old time red climber. We had it at our cottage in Wisconsin where it didn’t do much. Brought it home and did better but nothing to brag about. One day I saw a sign at a nearby horse farm Free Manure! I tossed some on the shrubs, ye olde rose bush and a few other plants. They all loved it, but the next year that rose bush was Explosive!!! Just covered head to toe in blooms! So try some manure, you just might be surprised!
        Course that tornado that came thru down the block sucked all the flowers off the bush. But, it’s blooming again this year like a champ! Can barely see leaves its so covered! I’m a brown thumb person so this is my crowning achievement! Lol

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  9. We inked my cat’s foot before he went over the rainbow bridge, it didn’t come out real well but I still might try some day to get it tattooed.

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