Pink and Teal Frankenbag for a Friend

After a nice stiff eggnog late last night, I had a good night’s sleep and a good sleep in. Once I had my breakfast and some yummy coffee I hit my sewing room to finish up the pink and teal frankenbag. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. I think my friend will love it.

Here’s the other side of the bag.

And some eye candy of the details. Zipper pocket.

Double slip pocket.

Zipper placket.

And, of course, my tag that I love so much.

And that little detail of the zipper pull on the placket and zipper pocket.

I just might have this in the mail today.

Well, it’s literally been months since I shared photos of frankenbags that blog readers have sent me. It’s entirely possible that you sent me photos and I’ve misplaced them. If so, sorry. Feel free to send photos again via email.

So, here we go. This first one is from Sara Rajagopalan has a fun and eclectic combo of fabrics. And you know I love that bold black and white.

Next is this bag made by Riana Nel. I love the bright colors and the bold horizontal stripes of black and white fab rico.

This bag was made by Peggy Nelson. She’s used a lot of fun colors and blocks. It’s a fun combo of color and design.

Next is this one from Nancy Pendergast. First off, green is my favorite color so this appeals to me. And I love batiks. So win, win!

This next bag was made by Linda Klysner. I love the bold red and the crumb piecing. And I love that so many people are including zipper plackets.

Now I have to confess. I may have gotten the names wrong on that red bag and on this next bag. Sorry, but It can be difficult to keep track of all of these bags! So, I think this one is from Leslie Schroeder. Sorry if I got them confused! I shouldn’t save two red bags right next to each other!

This next holiday themed bag is from Diane Sabo. It’s a fun way to use up those left over holiday panels.

Here’s another holiday themed bag that was made by Diana Ceccardi. It’s a fun and whimsical way to use those holiday fabrics.

This next one was made by Barbara Hughes. those animals prints are so much fun!

Finally, this last four bags were sent in by Althea Grills. She’s been busy. I love that first one with all the curves. and that bright one with all the color and triangles is really fun. this is a nice bunch of bags.

Now I’m gonna have another cup of coffee then hit the shower. I’ll follow that up with a nice long walk with my boys. Then it’s into my sewing room to chunk away at the Jewel Frames quilt top.

20 Replies to “Pink and Teal Frankenbag for a Friend”

  1. Absolutely LOVE all of the bags…..I still haven’t become a bag “convert,” but seeing how great they all look, I may be getting closer. I do love the brilliant fabrics, the improv piecing, and the crumbs!

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  2. Love, love your pink and teal bag! Your friend will adore it!!!
    Is it possible for you to send the directions of how to put the zipper/pocket in the lining? I’ve done several but I just know you have a streamlined way to do it!!
    I just bet 2023 will find you sharing with us all other awesome things to make! ( no pressure- 🙃!)

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  3. Your friend will LOVE that bag and all it’s sweet touches!!! The pleated fan print has to be one of my favorites, is that the name? We just had a very strong storm ⛈ go through, lifted up a metal chair and set it down. The rain started blowing sideways so doused my husband on back porch, I was about to go out but it sent him inside 🤣. Tornado 🌪 watch till later tonight. Feels more like spring than January!

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    1. I think that pink fabric is “paper fans.” it’s really gorgeous! So saturated.

      Be careful during your terrible weather. Hoping you’re not in the path of anything.



  4. Thanks for showing off my “knitting chicken” bag. (You got my name right for it!) I’m always so inspired by your bags as well as other people’s.

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