Another Mostly Wasted Day

(Post written Sunday. Blog wouldn’t let me add photos so posted Monday)

I have no idea where today went. But I have a sneaking hunch it had to do with way too much time spent watching a live stream of a pickleball tournament. Oh well. It seemed like something I should do at the time.

I slept way too late this morning. I think I hit the snooze button at least five times. My poor dogs kept gettin more and more anxious. They know that alarm means we should get up.

So after a good breakfast, I plopped my ass down on the sofa and watched a couple hours of pickleball. After that, I decided Bender and Rico… and I… needed a nice walk. So I put on a baseball cap and a rain coat, grabbed some poop bags, tissues and my dogs and headed out. We walked almost five miles. There was a light rain with us most of the time and it was a bit blustery.

When we got home I watched a little more pickleball and puttered around the house a little, then grabbed an early dinner.

After dinner I thought I should get into my sewing room and be little bit productive, but I still couldn’t make myself dig in on that bag lining. So I pulled out the strip tubes I made last night and cut them up.

I made four more trip blocks.

The makes a total of 15 blocks.

There are duplicate strip sets all cut and ready to assemble for each of these blocks. So that’s a total of 30 blocks. I need 42 for this quilt top, so I’ll need to sew 6 more strip sets. Then I’ll have to assemble all those duplicate blocks.

I like this more and more as I add blocks and more pattern emerges. It gets less chaotic with each block I add. I’m a little surprised that this feels so dark from a distance. I thought there was enough color to brighten it up a little

But when you look close, there’s tons of color in there! Check out this eye candy!

And this…

Rico stuck close to me for a good part of today as I was lazy on the sofa. It’s really unusual for him to snuggle up next to me.

He slept here for about a half hour and then was horrified that he was sleeping on top of me and moved to his comfy bed on the floor! What a character.

13 Replies to “Another Mostly Wasted Day”

  1. How inspiring! I’ve been collecting abo prints for years. I’ve been hesitant to cut them because the prints are so large. However, seeing them in small cuts has changed my mind. Thank you!

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      1. I also made one similar to this to showcase the fabrics. It still isn’t quilted yet. As you can imagine, I have plenty of fabric left over to make one like your trip around the world. Did you cut and piece each square?

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  2. Anne, I am really loving this Aboriginal print quilt! Initially I thought it would be too dark, but yesterday when you posted I noticed the colors coming alive. No day is wasted if you get to do something you want to do, spend it relaxing, resting, or with your pets.

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    1. The quilt seems dark to me viewed in the photo. But the close ups reveal the riot of color. I might actually keep this one for my living room! It would be perfect for that room.

      It’s been some time since I had a really lazy weekend. It feels good.



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