Finally Tackled that Blasted Lining

After our evening walk I finally forced myself to get in to my sewing room and finish the lining for my new Frankenbag. It feels good to have it done.

I really like this bag. I like the dark feel of it. it’s bright, but sort of broody. Here’s the other side.

I really like the dark lining, fully acknowledging it will be really hard to find pennies in the bottom of this one!

There’s a nice pop of pink on the inside with the slip pocket and zipper pocket.

And my favorite little tag. And because someone always asks, this is the Etsy seller where I get my tags.

I’m glad to have this done and not having that lining taking up space on my cutting table.

These boys let me know what they thought of the time I spent working on this today.

And to make It even longer… I did make a major flub as I was putting the lining together. I sewed the zippered pocket to the wrong side of the lining. It’s so obvious in this photo that the fabrics aren’t right sides together.

And this was just totally wrong.

So you know what I had to do…

The good news is that the dark fabric made it really easy to pick out that line of stitching.

I want to share with you something that was a game changer for me. When I first got my sewing table I found myself always getting my foot caught in the cord to my foot pedal. The cord comes over the front of the table and down to the floor. So I added a command hook to the inside of one of the cabinets that hold up the table. I slip the cord behind that hook and it keeps it out of the way of my foot.

It’s such a simple thing but it made such a huge difference!

Today was actually a little more productive day than the rest of the weekend. I took Bender and Rico for a lovely four mile walk this morning. The weather was really nice. The sun tried to come out but didn’t make it while we were walking.

After a trip to the grocery store the sun managed to come out so we took advantage and tossed the ball around the back yard.

t was a lovely afternoon. It felt like a spring day.

The sun makes all the moss almost glow!

Close up, the moss looks like trees.

We wrapped our evening with a nice conversation with a friend as we walked around the neighborhood.

18 Replies to “Finally Tackled that Blasted Lining”

  1. Je l’adore, il est magnifique. Tu es très douée pour l’assemblage des couleurs. Je te suis depuis plus d’un an et j’admire tout ce que tu fais. J’habite Genève, je ne parle pas bien anglais, je comprends plus ou moins quand c’est écrit, mais avec Google Chrome tout ce traduit automatiquement et c’est bien pratique. Par contre je n’ai pas très bien compris le sport que tu fais. Cordialement


    1. Que ferions-nous sans nos outils informatiques. J’ai dû coller votre commentaire dans Google Translate pour lire ce que vous aviez à dire. Alors merci pour vos gentils commentaires et merci de m’avoir lu !

      C’est amusant d’entendre des gens du monde entier. Vous êtes peut-être le premier lecteur de blog que j’ai à venir de Suisse. Je crois qu’il y a une ville en Suisse qui s’appelle Ibach, mon nom de famille. Aussi, une entreprise de piano. Je n’y suis jamais allé. J’adorerais y aller !

      Notre sport… garder les moutons avec un chien, comme on le ferait dans une ferme ovine. Sauf que c’est un sport de compétition. Je me demande s’ils le font en Suisse.

      Merci d’avoir lu et d’avoir pris le temps de commenter !



  2. Nice to get those UFO done. They haunt me sometimes. The bag is not dark, to me anyway, The Jewel paperweight makes the Cloisonné and Milefiori standout. OMG thank goodness you didn’t cut the welt opening for the zipper pocket! I hate when that happens. I like it.

    Nice day with the sun. I can deal with the cold if there is sun. Moss is so beautiful and soft. It is always so lush, like expensive carpet. Worldwide there are over 15,000 species.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! If I had cut that opening I may have just started with new pieces of lining and pocket! That would have been a mess!

      I agree. I will take the cold if it brings the sun with it. Winters here are quite dreary. I love it on the rare occasions we get sun!



    1. It’s nice to have that bag finished! Now I can do something else.

      My sewing table is from Ikea. It’s two little drawer stacks with a butcher block counter top that sits on them. I love it! It’s deeper than a regular counter top so the table has tons of room.



  3. I love this Frankenbags! I’ve started making a couple again with the panels I made prior to the holidays . Do you have the instructions to put in the zippered in lining pocket handy to post or lead me to it again? I seem to have an issue each time I put one in. I’m sure your directions will make it simple! Thank you soooo much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t make a tutorial for the zippered pocket because there are a already a lot of good tutorials out there. I think this is the one I used:

      I had to put in a few before I really got the hang of it. With each one you do you learn little tips and tricks. So don’t be surprised if your first few are not up to snuff. But they’ll get better.



  4. Hello Anna,
    I have enjoyed your blogs immensely. Thank you for sharing your helpful hints and talent. Would you please share the type of tag, faux leather, leather?
    Thank you so much.
    Warm regards,


    1. It’s a faux leather tag. I got it from All this Wood on Etsy. they have tons of options, colors, sizes, shapes, materials. You’ll get lost in all the different tags! good luck!

      Thanks for reading!



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