Wensleydale on the Design Wall and a Corgi Puppy

After dinner tonight I walked to a friend’s house to see their new corgi puppy and to take her a toy I whipped up for her.

Meet Bella. She’s just 11 weeks old.

It seems like it’s been a long time since I got to hang out with a little puppy. And I have to say, there is no puppy cuter than a corgi puppy!

She really liked the toy I made her!

And of course, I had to take a little video.

GAH! So cute! It’s nice to get a puppy fix.

After our evening walk I hit my sewing room and stacked all my value sorted Wensleydale blocks in preparation of getting them up on the design wall.

I like sorting by value or color, combining into a stack as it makes getting blocks arranged on the design wall easier. I feel like this first attempt is pretty good.

It always helps to make the photo black and white to just look at value.

I can see a couple areas here that I’ll want to adjust. But I’m really glad I made the last ten blocks really light and really dark. This quilt top needed those stark blocks.

Here’s an area that feels flat and too gray.

The entire column on the left side feels very gray and flat to me as well. It’s entirely possible that it’s just the lighting and photo. It very well may look completely different in real life. But this shows me areas to take a good look at.

I’ll leave these blocks on the design wall for a few days while I noodle over it and make some changes. But I’m not going to agonize over it. I feel pretty happy with this as it is.

And you shouldn’t be surprised that I put block #59 in the center of the quilt!

It’s likely I’ll have this sewn together this weekend. I’d like to check this off my list.

I think my next project will be a quick and easy one. I want to get the binding on this lovely that will hang above my sewing table.

That’s an easy evening’s project and it will feel good to finally finish this. I think I started this at least six years ago!

I’ve been thinking a lot today about this Magnificent Beast, Forrest. He was born 20 years ago today.

Most people I know have that one dog that was THE dog of a lifetime and mine was Forrest. He’s been gone for 5.5 years now and I smile about him often. It’s Forrest’s paw print that I had tattooed on my left arm a year ago.

One of my favorite photos of Forrest…

This photo was taken by my friend Heather during a hike in May. It was rainy and cool and I was going to leave Forrest at home because he was 14 at the time. He would have none of it… he wouldn’t let me leave the house without him. So I grabbed his little coat and took him along… knowing that I’d have to carry him for a god portion of the hike. I’m so glad I took him along. He had such a wonderful time… and so did I.

Forrest on the far left with Bender next to him. Rico is on the far right. He was only about six months old in this photo. His left ear hadn’t yet decided to stand at attention!

After the recent heat we’ve had, I had to break down and turn on my furnace this morning! I’m glad the heat is gone, but I’m not feeling positive that we’re going to have any delicious Oregon strawberries this spring.

26 Replies to “Wensleydale on the Design Wall and a Corgi Puppy”

  1. Wow, all your puppy pictures are adorable. I absolutely love the New York Beauty wall hanging. I’ve got about 6 of these block patterns I want to get into a wall hanging as well. Love your colors. And the Wensleydale quilt is gorgeous. How big is your design wall, because it looks huge. I so wish I had one. Have to use a bed. Thanks much for sharing your world, and the pups!


  2. You’re right, Bella is the cutest puppy. I thought mine was, but when I saw the video, she takes top place.
    And Forrest, sigh, what a guy. We are lucky to share our lives with dogs.
    Oh, and yes, all things quilt look really super!


  3. I enjoyed seeing the Wensleydale blocks as you were making them. Now that they’re all together and up on your design wall, the whole effect is even more stunning! I agree with the two areas you targeted… the left side looks too dark, especially the far left column. The area you’ve circled in red looks very bright. At least, that’s what my eyes see. I’m not sure about the very bottom right hand corner. It looks pretty dark, but it may just be shadows. It’s going to be even more spectacular when it’s sewn together and quilted – can’t wait to see the totally finished product!!!


  4. Love these blocks, and my favourite part of the layout was the unexpected appearance of a dark star in the left hand corner! It probably wasn’t planned, but I’m wondering what it would look like with a light, and maybe a medium one elsewhere on the quilt (there’s most of a light one further up the same column. Can’t wait to see the final version!


  5. Blocks looks great! I love when I get the blocks done and they are all on the wall. The first shuffle always sits for a day or two before I make the next move. Fresh eyes always help to see the ” oops, damn it” (s) before they are put together and then off to the quilter. Block 59 should be in the center(lol) it’s your fav!

    I understand about Forrest. I have had only one dog and she was an unexpected purchase. A friend wanted a German Shepard pup and asked me to go with her. All the puppies played but one and she climbed into my lap and slept. Once all the other were pooped out and sleeping, she got up and went over to the others and bit their ears till one got up to play with her. Needless to say she came home with me and she charmed my family out of their fears of GSDs. Jynx was one in a million. Great picture of the pack on the hike! ❤❤❤


  6. This little corgi is adorable. Puppies are lots of work too, but they are so much fun and often make great snugglers


  7. Forest what a gift ! You both were so lucky ! Corgis are the cutest puppies , I have a 15 year old corgi , Stella that looked just like Bella when she was a pup , they are so cute. Your blocks are great , beautiful


  8. I thought the blocks were going on the wall the other way, so I was taken aback when I saw what you made. I turned my iPad to see how I would have placed them, the quilt will be beautiful any way you place the blocks. I also had a special dog, she passed last year. The corgi is very cute but aren’t all puppies?


  9. Would love to see the pattern for the toy you made the puppy, he certainly seems to love it. My daughter has a rescue and love to play.


  10. Hi!, I look forward to your posts and photos 🙂 your boys are soooo cute. With the time difference (I’m EST in FL) I read your posts in the morning before I even get out of bed, LOL. Great start to my day. I LOVE your color and fabric choices, I too am a fan of bright and cheery colors. Where do you obtain your fabric ? I don’t have a lot of brick and mortar options near me. Joann’s is the closest. I like to see fabric in person, but I have been relying on online choices lately. I taught myself how to quilt 20 years ago and have just recently picked it back up again. This time around I am finding myself bored with “patterns” and am trying to figure it out. Until the next timely friend.


  11. I think basset hound puppies are the cutest…the only thing cuter than a basset hound puppy…is two basset hound puppies. Sadly, I no longer have a basset hound. But I have a brown dog. She is pretty cute too.


      1. Aww, a corgi puppy….the smell, the puppy teeth, the kisses!
        Thank you also for the tutorials about using black and white to check values.
        And the pics of Forrest. What can I say, they are seared on my heart!


  12. Dear Anne, when you sew and carefully
    Press your blocks before you decide their arrangement I. The quilt top , how do you get the seams to nest? I can’t figure that out. Do you repress when you have the final arrangement?


  13. Thanks for sharing your hint of taking a black and white photo. And for showing us an area you plan to adjust! Those of us who have only done very small projects appreciate your comments like these — so helpful on the learning trail!

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  14. Such a cute, cute puppy! Love the toy you made – will have to copy and make one for one of my grand dogs. Your Wensleydale quilt is amazing! I have the papers but haven’t begun to go through my fabrics. Plan to use batiks. Yours has been a huge inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

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