Trying Out Some Greys

I couldn’t stand it. I had to cut some of the grey fabric into triangles and get it up onto the design wall. So at lunch time today I cut some of the grey guinea flower fabric and tossed it up on the design wall.


I started in the center of the quilt. And I loved it immediately! All it took was one set of the grey fabrics and I knew it was going to work!

So when I got home from work I got started on cutting more triangles out of the different grey fabrics because I was itching to see more.

I’ve wondered about the sludge paper weight fabric in this quilt for awhile. It just felt different than the other grey fabrics and I was really unsure about it. That’s the sludge surrounding the hexagon with the green outer strip.


It just doesn’t work. Although I love this fabric, in this quilt it just feels drab and dull. It stands out in the quilt, and not in a good way.

So I decided to omit the sludge and use the grey ferns fabric instead. it’s darker than the other fabrics, but it’s a brighter grey, and it feels brighter and lighter.


You can see the point of the ferns next to the point of the guinea flower in the lower right, and the greys are virtually the same.

So, the sludge is out and the ferns is in.

I’m also using two light color ways of the Mille fiore fabric. I love how they work in this quilt! they add just a little color and life to the points of the stars.


I’ve put a bunch of the background fabrics up on the wall. I’m loving how it all works, but still need to move some things around and play with different options.


I still have six blocks to make to get this quilt to the point where I can finish the design stage, figure out how I’m going to handle the edges, and start sewing it all together.

I can’t wait to see the final lay out!

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