Finishing Up UFOs During Isolation

I’ve been working from home now for six weeks. When we first started working from home they told us it would be a couple of weeks. We were told this week that it will likely be at least through the month of May. I think that may be enthusiastic. I have a hard time seeing how we’d be back in the office by then.

I consider myself really fortunate that I’m still working. I have friends who run their own businesses and they can’t work. Not only do they not have income, but they have a lot of time to fill every day.

I’ve been frustrated that I’ve done virtually no sewing in these six weeks of isolation, with the exception of finishing up my Aboriginal quilt top. So the other night I sat down and made a list of all my unfinished quilts that I want to complete during isolation.

I have four tops done that need backings pieced. And I have five quilt tops that are in motion, but are not finished.

Here are the four quilt tops that need backs. I have the backing fabric for all of them. I just need to take some time and put them together and get them ready for my long armer.

This Aboriginal quilt is for my brother and his wife.


This quilt will go to my other brother and his wife. She has had a lifelong love for rainbows so all this color is perfect.

IMG_4780 2

No plans for who will receive this blue Algorithm quilt.


No plans for who will receive this red one either. I just love these fabrics. I would love to keep it, but how many quilts do I need?CC995DA6-D118-47B1-93BF-80D72DF0C859

Here are the five quilts that are in progress:

I had almost enough of the Aboriginal blocks left over to make another quilt, so I decided to make one of these for my godson. I had to order some more of the sashing fabric and it came in the mail yesterday. I picked out a few fabrics from my stash to cut for the additional blocks I needed a couple evenings ago. I bought the backing (at the bottom of the photo) in an online sale a few weeks ago. The blocks all have the sashing on one side. Now I need to add the sashing and cornerstone to the second side. This one will go together quickly. Here’s my blog post about how I do the sashing on these blocks. And this post about how I assembled the sashed blocks.


This blue quilt is being made from fabrics left over from my Kaffe hexagon quilt. Here’s a link to my blog post on that finished quilt. The blue spots will be the background for the front, and the shields fabric is the backing. This will be a really fun and vibrant quilt. Blue is out of the ordinary for me. This is the quilt I plan to finish first, but I’m working on this and the Aboriginal above at the same time. Once the blocks are done I’ll have to make a decision as to which one goes on the design wall. they will both go together quickly. Here’s my blog post about the first moments of this quilt coming together. And another post about selecting the blue spots for the background.   I don’t yet know who will get this quilt.


This is a Japanese X and + quilt that I’m making for my guest bedroom. This has been in the works for a couple of years. I only have about ten more blocks to make and then I can start putting it all together. I keep going back and forth on whether to use sashing or not. I’m a little worried that in squaring up these blocks I’m going to make it impossible to match all those seams. I’m a bit indecisive on this one. I just need to make a decision and get moving! This one will have a big border in the brown dream and the darker Lotus leaf. The lotus leaf will also be the backing.  I just love this quilt pattern and I think my fabric choices are different and exciting. I can remember when I decided on the Pond spots for the background. It sort of makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!


Here’s a picture with the sashing. I think I’m leaning toward not using the sashing because then I get the effect of the pluses and Xs. These blocks are big, so once they’re all done, it will go together quickly.


This is my recent Kaffe crumb quilt blocks. I have all the blocks done, and have ordered and received all the spots I need for the block borders. I just need to start cutting strips and sewing it all together. I ordered the backing fabric for this a couple of months ago, so this is all ready to get done. I don’t have plans for who will receive this one. I might have to keep it for myself, I love it so much. Here’s a blog post about making these blocks.


This is the Jewel Frames  quilt I’m making for my bedroom. I have all the blocks done and sashed. These blocks were just tossed onto the design wall as I finished sewing on the sashing. So, the blocks are done and I have the fabric I need for the border and backing. What’s holding me back on this one is that I want to get a queen size bed and then make this quilt to specifically fit that mattress and bed frame. So this is on the back burner.  Here’s a blog post about putting these blocks together.


And then I have this wall hanging that will go in my office. the top is all done and I have the backing fabric. I just need to quilt it. I decided I want to do the free motion quilting on this myself on my domestic machine. But I find it a little intimidating. I just need to dig in and do it!!! Here’s a blog post about making this.


I’d better get cracking!!!

15 Replies to “Finishing Up UFOs During Isolation”

  1. Thanks for sharing all your work in progress. It must be a little day ting deciding where to start when you have so many projects going They are beautiful. I especially like the x and plus japanese fabric quilt. Quite distinctive

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    1. I love that X and Plus pattern. And it’s really fun to make. I can be very focused when I get started, but sometimes it can be hard to get started. I do like to have more than one project to work on at a time. I like to have one thing going that is sort of brainless that I can sew on in the evening when I’m too tired to do something more complicated. Thanks for reading my blog!


  2. I love them all. I also made the second quilt top but never quilted it. Must do that soon. I’ve been making face masks for the past however many weeks we have hunkered down. I’m over 300 so are and 99%donated to the community. Then I put a Giving Tree in my front yard for neighbors to take masks for their families. Looks like will be making masks a tad bit longer. All good. Love your blog and your creativity. From a little town in Indiana, thank You!

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    1. Wow! You’ve made a lot of masks! That’s so wonderful of you to do that so generously! I’m amazed at how many people just don’t have any way to get a mask at all. I think we will be making masks for some time. Might be wearing them for a while too. I have purchased some supplies online that will support some mask making over the next few months. Still waiting for a bolt of fusible interfacing but not feeling very confident about it arriving. Say hello to Indiana for me!!! Be safe!


  3. Love them all. I especially LOVE the red algorithm quilt.
    Breathtakingly beautiful!

    I really must tackle some UFO.
    MASK MAKING took a few weeks. But now some time for me!

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    1. I love that red quilt. the colors are so vibrant and that black and white in the strips is so fantastic! I’m glad you like it too! I’ve made masks for myself and for a few friends. I’ve helped a few people in making their own. I just don’t have time to make a lot of them. Thanks so much for doing that!!!


  4. I love all your quilts! You talked about feeling intimidated by quilting your last quilt. Cindy Needham started a series on quilting on her facebook page. She does all her quilting on a domestic. She is a wealth of information on how to quilt quilts….free. It might be the ticket you need to quilt this beauty.

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  5. What a wonderful array of quilts! My color sense is similar to yours so that may be why I love your quilts so much. Can I be your new best friend? I think the Algorithm pattern was just made for Kaffe fabrics. I, too, have been mask-making, but it’s time to stop for a while and work on some UFO’s and also start something new. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what comes next! B. J. In Staunton, VA

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    1. All that color is so exciting! Putting the colors together is my favorite part of making a quilt! I always love having new color friends!!! I think the algorithm works well with Kaffe fabrics is because the pieces are big enough to let the big prints shine. I love that red algorithm quilt! One of my all time faves! Be safe in VA!


      1. I just wrote down the measurements to cut the squares, washing and cornerstones for my bed own Aboriginal fabric quilt! I love yours so much! While excavating in my fabric acquisition room this afternoon, I found a little hidden away stash of Aboriginal fat quarters…halleloojah! Let the piecing begin!
        B. J. In VA.

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  6. Hello Anne, Great post! I cannot comment for some reason with our internet settings. I sent you a PM on FB about your red algorithm quilt top! If you want to sell it, or sell it as a finished quilt, Please let me know! Thank you & Have a safe & good Sunday!

    Kay Lloyd 913-488-8501 Sent from my iPhone



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