Aboriginal Quilt Ready for My Long Armer

I reached out to my long arm quilter this morning to see if she was currently taking work — and she is. This was the push I needed to finally piece the back for my Aboriginal quilt and get it all off to her for quilting.

This will be a gift for my brother and his wife. They will use it as a throw quilt in their living room. You can find blog posts about this quilt here,  here and here.


I used some of the leftover fabrics from the front to make a strip across the back. They were all nine inches wide and varying lengths. I separated each block with a strip of the sashing.


This is the first quilt I’ve made from the Aboriginal fabrics and I just love it. The fabrics are so gorgeous with colors that are rich and deep. The fabrics are really soft and wonderful to sew on.

I’ve been looking at quilt designs for this project and love these two options. My long armer said she doesn’t have these exact designs, but does have options that are very similar. Once I choose that and select a thread color for the quilting, it will be on its way.

I have enough of the blocks left over to make another one of these for my nephew. I even bought a piece of fabric for the backing a couple of months ago in an online sale. So all I need is a little time to get it done.

I took Friday off from work and will also take next Friday off as well. It was really good to get an extra day off. I slept in and puttered around the house, cut out a few masks, and then took the dogs for a five mile walk along the Fanno Creek Trail in SW Portland. It’s been rainy and that’s the best time to hit the trails since I get them almost all to myself.


We took another walk later in the evening, so got in about 7.5 miles yesterday. We took a nice 4.5 mile walk around the neighborhood this morning and will take another walk this evening. I try to talk 5 miles a day during the week and get in at least 7 or 8 miles a day on the weekends.

Tomorrow I’m going to work on one of my unfinished quilts. The scrappy hexagon with the blue spots background is on the design wall right now. I only need to sew 8 more hexagon blocks and can then start putting it all together. I think that will be my next finish.

10 Replies to “Aboriginal Quilt Ready for My Long Armer”

  1. Love, love, love the Aboriginal fabric quilt! I have mine ready to begin and will use your idea for sashing as you go. The quilting designs seem appropriate for the fabric also. I’m so inspired by your work A. J., keep writing your blog. I enjoy it very much. B. J.

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    1. Awww, thanks! I’m glad I’m inspiring someone else because I’m finding it a little difficult to find my own inspiration these days. Just can’t muster the desire to create. But I’m determined to finish up some unfinished quilts! And I just LOVE these fabrics. I’d love to see what you come up with too!


    1. I wish I could say I invented that method. i saw someone else do it a number of years ago, but I can’t remember who. I really hate sewing long strings of sashing, so always avoid it if I can. Sashing each block makes it all so much easier and pleasant for me!


  2. Nice to actually see you, Anne. You look well and happy. So do the pups. The quilt is beautiful, as usual. Your brother and his wife are very lucky.

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    1. We’re well but a little bored. I’m so glad I’m working! Can’t imagine having to fill all those hours during the week! Glad you like the quilt. I’ve really enjoyed seeing it come together


  3. I love your Aboriginal quilt sashing. I made a similar quilt, but sashed it with plain black – do not like it as much as your sashing. As an Australian who makes a lot of scrappy quilts, I made a resolution to incorporate a piece of Aboriginal fabric in every quilt I make – just a subtle salute to our first peoples. I love M&S textiles Aboriginal fabrics – they acknowledge the Aboriginal designers of their fabrics and they are very soft fabrics, similar to KFC

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    1. I love the idea of including a piece of Aboriginal fabric in every quilt. I’d love to see how you do that. thanks for your comments on my sashing. I don’t use solid fabrics very often. And truly, the ONLY solid color fabric I have is white (and it’s white on white!). And since I have dogs I really tend to stay away from black (dog hair) and white (paw prints). And I’m with you… I love the M&S fabrics the best, and I love scrappy quilts. One of my upcoming quilts will be a string quilt made from Aboriginal scraps. I’m pretty anxious to get going on it!


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