Waiting to Start My Next Quilt

I’m kind of itching to get started on my next quilt. I’m just waiting for a couple more pieces of fabric to arrive and then I can get moving.

Here’s a generous selection of fabrics for one of my options. I will pare this stack down before I start cutting.

I’ve wanted to make a quilt out of black Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics for quite some time. The fabrics are pretty amazing and I just love those bright pops of color. I’m considering a couple of different patterns for these fabrics. One would be the Moss Garden pattern. You can see my recent Moss Garden quilt here.

Another pattern I’m considering is this one that I saw in a quilt store in Chehalis, Washington. It’s similar in it’s combo of larger and smaller squares. But it has a little more variation from block to block. This is probably the pattern I will land on for these black fabrics. It will really let those big prints shine!

Look at how gorgeous these fabrics are!!!

Here’s the other set of fabric that I’ve been assembling. I’m still waiting for two pieces to arrive to fill out this stack.

These fabrics will go into another Ruffled Feathers quilt. I really liked the one I made out of Kaffe fabrics in the contrast color way. I really want to make another one. And I’m going to use an off white background for the geese, which means that the geese will stand out more. With all that work in making gees, I’d like them to really shine. They were sort of muddy in the contrast quilt.

The off white is a Kona cotton that I found online. The color is “snow.” It’s risky to buy an off white fabric online, site unseen. But I lucked out on this one. It’s soft but bright and not too yellow. And it doesn’t get anywhere near beige. Those geese will really POP!

Look at this stack of gorgeousness!!!

Finally, after more than a week of terribly smoky air, it started to clear out yesterday, and a lovely afternoon rain storm pushed almost all of it away. We’ve all started tracking the AQI (Air Quality index) with apps on our phones. I’ve never kept track of this in the past.

Our air was in the “hazardous” range for many, many days. It was really a relief to see it drop into the “extremely dangerous” range. This screen capture was from last Sunday. This scale only goes up to 500! I can’t possibly tell you how incredibly oppressive this smoky air was. You just can’t get away from it. And at a time when we’re all isolated at home, the smoke took away the only respite we’ve been able to get… our twice daily walks. It was a tough week, psychologically, being cooped up, but the smoke also has terrible physical effects.

Here’s a screen capture from today!

It’s so amazing to have breathable air again! And it’s so nice to be able to get outside and walk! My poor dogs… they were going absolutely stir crazy. And me too!

It was a gorgeous day today. The skies of Oregon are really beautiful! Look at that gorgeous clear air!!!

16 Replies to “Waiting to Start My Next Quilt”

  1. Really enjoying your blog and also love your photos of your different projects and your darling dogs. I appreciate your advice on the Algorithm quilt. I’m your neighbor to the north in Camas, WA. Enjoy your weekend.

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  2. Don’t you just love “playing” with stacks of Kaffe fabrics? The other day I took all my Kaffes and rearranged to my hearts content, telling myself it’s time to start using instead of just collecting. I finally gave in and ordered his book of Quilts in Burano. It’s so visually stimulating! The photography is just wonderful and it makes you want to make something beautiful. I’m so glad to hear that your air quality is much better. These are frightening times! I’m glad that I have my quilting to soothe my soul and take my mind away from all the craziness of the outside world.

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    1. My friend and I keep laughing about all the fabric we continue to buy. But we agree that it’s really one of the only bright spots these days. So we will continue to buy, even though we have vowed that we’re done!


  3. I can’t wait to see the quilts grow! I love your visions! ❤️ I’m so glad the smoke is gone for you! My daughter lives in Bellingham, WA and they’ve had it bad up there too, but they were finally able to get outside yesterday for a run! They were very excited.

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    1. Yes, it’s so amazing to be able to get outside. We took two walks yesterday. four miles in the morning and three in the evening. So many people out walking! You could tell people were so relieved and happy to be back outside!


  4. One of my favorites of his designs is Rouge – simple straightforward evenly sized squares – ALL about the fabrics! I have several more pieces of his collective’s fabric on order (some even into the spring release group). Contemplating 2 and maybe 3 or more quilts from them — so much fun to ponder how to use them. And so much fun to watch you play with yours.

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    1. A friend of mine made a similar quilt out of Aboriginal fabrics. All 6 inch squares, but they were set on point. It it really very striking! i will definitely use a pattern for this that lets some of those big prints shine. I just need to decide. I’ve purchased so much fabric in the last couple of months, it’s really getting out of hand. I have one more package coming, and then I need to get sewing! I don’t have enough room in my drawers to put it all away, so I need to sew sew sew!!!


  5. Just saw your Ruffled Feathers quilt done in Fassett fabrics, and I have a huge stash of fabrics and now want to “cut”into them and make this glorious quilt, as you have done. I too would like to paper piece the “geese”, and wonder what size you made yours. Pattern says 3×5.5″ but no where can I find a template with that size… did you design your template as in the pattern or did you go to 3×6″ template? Your quilt is gorgeous… inspirational…. thanks!! Your blog is so full of useful information…. glad to follow you….

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      1. So kind of you… 806 Mulholland Drive, Parksville, BC Canada. V9P 2K4. Thank you for your generosity…. and remember to stay safe….

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